Designers Northwest, Inc.

The time has arrived to finalize your plans for your remodel, and your bulging notebook of photos and ideas is out and ready for your remodeler. But wait, are these really the best final choices?

Before plunging ahead, take the time to consult with a professional designer about the plans and your hopes for the new spaces. While you may hesitate to shell out more money for this process, that designer will come in with fresh eyes, and will be able to pull all your ideas and hopes together into a cohesive, upscale plan that is still budget-friendly. Your remodeler will be able to recommend an experienced, reputable and creative designer for you, or may even have an in-house designer available for your project.

A professional designer has knowledge of current materials, furnishings and accessories that will fit into your spaces, your aesthetic, and your budget – and add some WOW! to the whole thing too.

Your home designer will save you so much time, bringing in curated materials for you to select from but not overwhelming you with the “whole store” experience. They will know the materials that are the best quality and value for your budget, for the style of your home, and for the neighborhood and community where you live. They have the contacts and often discounts with suppliers to locate just the right solutions to your design issues.

As a liaison to your remodeler, the designer is able to speak the builder’s language, and will act as a trained and trusted intermediary between you and the builder.

Your home is a familiar place where sometimes your eyes overlook details. A designer brings fresh eyes that have learned to see space differently. They can assess your current rooms, find the potential, and translate that into drawings that will show you the possibilities too. The artistic side of a designer’s training may also help you show off art, collectables, and accessories to their best advantage throughout the home, and make it feel uniquely yours.

If selling the home is on the horizon, a designer will know the best updates to make an unsellable home very appealing to buyers.  That trained eye will be able to make effective recommendations on staging the home to take advantage of all of its assets in the potential buyer’s eyes.

At Designers Northwest, our specialty is to combine the design side and the remodeling side into one smooth process. As a design/build firm, we coordinate your job from the initial assessment through the design phase and on to completion. We pride ourselves on maintaining a neat, clean workspace during the process, and we work hard to make sure the end results are even better than you hoped for.   

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