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Why am I having trouble getting 3 contractors to give me a home remodeling bid on a room addition I am planning to build?

As a contractor managing a family business started in 1992, the challenge remains the same. That is, to find the 60% of homeowners who want a good job at a fair price and in fact know the real value of the word “free”. These people look beyond the words for value, longevity and integrity.

The dilemma legitimate contractors face is that a lot of people have no regard for his time and expenses. Discerning homeowners know that a good contractor’s time is valuable to him and to his customers.

Forcing a legitimate businessman to waste his time giving comprehensive an estimate when you aren’t going to give him the work truly raises the cost of doing business for everyone. Seeking out 3 bids has long been the advice for a remodeling project, but today, one bid is enough.

Select a contractor as carefully as you would your doctor or lawyer. An established and qualified contractor has just as much integrity and value as these professionals.

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