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Planning a home remodel is a challenge these days due to a shortage of materials, delays in the supply chain, and increased costs. If you’ve been putting off your home remodel for these reasons, you may want to reconsider. Supply chain disruptions are predicted to continue through 2022 and who knows when things will return to normal or if this is the new normal. Some people have considered moving instead of remodeling their home. However, moving to a different house or to an entirely different housing market isn’t necessarily the best solution due to all the fees and closing costs, plus the general headache involved with moving. It doesn’t seem to matter where you live, the disruption to the supply chain is an ongoing nationwide problem. Even in a different house that may have everything you want right now, at some point you are likely to start thinking about remodeling again, and then you’re right back where you started.

With national supply shortages causing delays in almost all industries, it is important to plan ahead. Don’t make quick decisions based on whatever materials and appliances are currently available. You don’t want to rush through anything just to “get it done.” The best thing you can do is to hold out for what you really want or make a list of several comparable options that you would be equally happy with in case one particular element is currently unavailable for an indefinite length of time. This could mean having more than one remodeling design plan to accommodate different materials, products, and elements.

At Designers Northwest we use an in-house design process to create models that allow the client to see the impact of the different options and have a thorough concept of the finished project. This also allows us to make changes and be certain that all details and parameters are addressed upfront.

Our design process allows clients to customize the finished product before construction begins. We have found it necessary to pre-order appliances, doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, flooring, tile, and even paint in some cases. It is crucial that once a project begins we can keep a consistent pace and not have to stall while we wait for a back-ordered item.

The best way to approach a home remodel during these challenging times is to have a plan. Don’t just wing it. Also, it’s probably a bad idea to go with a remodeling contractor who is okay with just winging it. This could result in a finished product you’re not satisfied with and then even more remodeling, which again, puts you right back where you started.

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