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If you plan to remodel your kitchen in the near future, we suggest using sustainable and green materials and products to make your cooking space more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Providing better air quality in the home is essential so looking for products that don’t off gas chemicals such as particle board products. Cabinets built with plywood interiors, certain flooring products and low VOC paints are some of our top choices.  Ventilate your kitchen with high-efficiency exhaust fans and ceiling fans. In addition to providing natural light, windows are also a free way to increase ventilation in the kitchen area.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council’s online “Green Home Guide,” “The kitchen is the most energy-intensive room in the house,” and investing in green products will save you money on electric bills, in addition to providing a healthy, well-ventilated environment for you and your family. Install a new on-demand hot water pump, which heats water electrically in order to reduce kitchen dependence on a whole-home system.

Replace appliances that are certified by Energy Star may use up to 66 percent less energy than other products, according to Green Home Guide. Visit the Energy Star website to search for approved products.

Improve lighting in the kitchen. Install skylights and windows if possible to use natural light. If you must use artificial lighting, choose LED lighting, which provides excellent light conditions with minimal energy usage.

Replace flooring and countertops with renewable materials. There are many choices on the market for sustainable and natural material. For countertops, Quartz products , some of which is recyclable and very durable. Concrete counter tops are another option but are much heavier then quartz and granite products.

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