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Your home provides so many year-round necessities of daily life. It offers a retreat from a long day, a warm shelter from cold winter temperatures, or cooling relief from the hot summer sun. If you’ve spent more time than usual inside your home this winter due to weather or remote work then you may be more mindful of ways you’d like to improve your home’s comfort, design, or function. Maybe you’re hesitant because of fear of unplanned costs and the inconvenience to daily life while your home is under construction. But with proper planning, you can turn the dream of a remodel into reality. Your home won’t remodel itself, so the first step is to stop dreaming and start doing!

Make A Plan

Whether it’s just new flooring and fresh paint, or more complicated home remodeling projects like redoing a kitchen or bathroom, careful advance planning is the key to a successful result that you will enjoy for years to come. Start with a wish list, including photos of styles, colors, furnishings, and materials that you would like. Search for style and remodeling ideas at home improvement stores, specialty shops, in magazines, and online at home décor sites. Think about what works well for your family’s lifestyle and the architecture of your home. Consider your budget and if you’ll need financing. If a loan is involved, talk with your mortgage lender first to see what help they can offer.

Hire Professionals


You don’t want to go it alone on a home remodel to save money. DIY home improvement shows and videos can make a project look easy but no matter how brave or capable you feel, things can get out of hand quickly. This can prolong the duration of the project which is the worst if you’re living in the home during the remodel. Professional remodelers have a network of subcontractors and suppliers who have the tools, training, and expertise to deliver quality work timely and efficiently. A proper design contract should be created to clearly spell out the scope of the job, the budget, and how cost overruns or unexpected situations will be handled. At Designers Northwest we have home design services to produce plans as well as 3D digital renderings to take the guesswork out of your project.



The most important thing is to not expect to occupy the construction area at all during the project. All items need to be removed from the work site area. Pets and children must also be kept out of the work area too! Plan your living arrangements for the duration of the project and determine if it is extensive enough to require temporary quarters or other adjustments to daily living. Remember the inconvenience is only temporary and well worth it. In the end, a well-done home remodel done by skilled professionals with quality materials can increase your home’s value as well as comfort, beauty, and space for your family to enjoy for years to come.

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