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A standard feature in our bathroom remodels is certainly the custom glass shower enclosure. These are not what you find in box stores. These are measured on-site and tailored specifically to each project. The glass is fabricated, tempered, and treated to repel water and help avoid water spots. These can range from a single panel divider to a fully sealed steam shower door.

Things we’ll consider in designing your custom glass shower enclosure is the shape of the enclosure, swing space, and walls. If you’re just replacing your existing shower then we will work with that current shape. But if you’re doing a full remodel we can provide many more options for a completely new shape for your shower enclosure. One reason to consider a full remodel of the shower area or entire area is if the walls are not straight. Walls around a door or glass panel must be completely plumb (vertical) in order to prevent hinge binding, uneven joints, and gaps. If your new shower enclosure will have a door, we’ll make sure the outward swing space meets no obstacles in the room such as the toilet or vanity. (Note that most building codes do not permit inward swinging shower doors to allow unobstructed access to a person who has fallen inside the shower). 

The fun part of your custom shower enclosure project will be choosing the design. There are so many trends in glass shower enclosures that can maximize space and functionality, as well as transform your bathroom into a relaxing, inviting getaway. The current trends all seem to favor an open concept, modern bathroom.

Frameless: Instead of a sliding door that feels like you’re being enclosed inside a box, a swinging door will have a modern, sleek appearance—without that messy track to clean. 

Transparent: Homeowners who once chose opaque glass for privacy are now choosing clear glass. The frosted glass gets dingy over time and doesn’t look clean anymore (and again that feeling of showering inside a box).

Spacious: Tub/shower combos have become outdated as more homeowners now are choosing freestanding tubs and separated spacious shower enclosures. This creates a more spa aesthetic, which is always a great way to start or end a day.

Curbless: A ledge to step over to enter the shower enclosure is potentially dangerous for any age group. Such a ledge also interferes with the open feel of the room. Many homeowners now are choosing the curbless walk-in design.

Unique Shape: Bathrooms with limited space can think outside the “the box” of the traditional shower enclosure. There are other shape options such as quadrangle or pentangle that will create a stylish bathroom no matter the blueprint.

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