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Kitchens and bathrooms are the primary rooms in a home where cabinetry is a necessary design element. While many people often admire the beauty and design of cabinetry, what about how the cabinetry functions for daily use?

In the old days, kitchens and bathrooms were hidden in unseen areas without much thought to form or function of cabinetry. Then there was the evolution of free-standing sideboards and wall shelving and then the cupboards and drawers that are in most kitchens and bathrooms today. When you visit any home improvement store you might take note that a lot has changed with cabinetry options in these modern times. Yet it seems that even these days contemporary storage features are designed more for storage within a space or cosmetic appeal more than for function.

What if you could design your own cabinetry for your kitchen or bathroom needs and have it custom built for both beauty and function according to your own needs? Well, that happens to be a service we offer at Designers Northwest. With every kitchen or bathroom project, we use a local, custom cabinet builder that incorporates the highest quality materials and hardware into custom cabinetry built for any location in the home. And there are so many possibilities.


Kitchen and bathroom storage solutions can be customized for efficiency as well as to accommodate aging. All the stooping, reaching and maybe even precarious step stool teetering to access items from higher and lower cabinetry storage can be risky not to mention frustrating. But there are so many modern solutions for this such as slide-out shelving as well as swing and pull-out pantries of all shapes and dimensions. For example, imagine opening a lower cabinet, and instead of having to take everything out in order to reach a casserole dish or soup crock tucked all the way in the back, the whole shelf simply slides out so that everything inside is accessible right at your fingertips. These types of cabinetry solutions allow you to utilize all of your storage space for daily use all of the time.


Since kitchens tend to be the central room in a home now, many have an unsightly mess of cords and devices around one outlet. A modern solution to this is USB charging stations installed inside a drawer. This way phones and devices can charge out of sight and out of the way of food preparation and kitchen activity yet still within easy reach for everyone in the household. Another popular cabinetry trend is LED lighting. While LED lighting is all the rage now as a decorative element for bedrooms and media centers, it can actually have a functional use when used within a drawer. Recessed LED lighting in a drawer that automatically turns on when the drawer opens and off when the drawer closes might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but it’s a similar convenience to the light inside your refrigerator that turns on when you look inside.

Designers Northwest clients can customize the layout and features throughout the custom cabinetry design process to achieve a storage solution that is both attractive and efficient.

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