Designers Northwest, Inc.

People love their kitchens, and fine cabinetry is often one of its most admired and noticeable features. Beautiful cabinetry, especially in the kitchen, can bring pride of ownership to a homeowner as well as increase the home’s value. Styles and materials of cabinetry change over time, along with design and function.

With so many decisions to make the process of remodeling a kitchen with new cabinetry can be overwhelming. Advancements in 3D Design technology can reduce a lot of this stress and take a lot of the worry out of your kitchen remodeling project, not to mention save time and costs.

A traditional kitchen remodeling project involves two-dimensional blueprints and sketches and can leave a lot to the imagination. With 3D Design, you can work with your remodeling contractor to build a scaled model to translate measurements into real-life dimensions, angles, and placements which removes a lot of the guesswork and reduces the risk of error as well as a lot of the back and forth between you, the designer, and build a team. Besides unplanned costs, one of the biggest worries over choosing to start a kitchen remodel is the possibility of having to go without a functional kitchen for the duration of the project. When you choose a contractor with expertise and knowledge in 3D Design you likely won’t have to wait as long for the finished product—your beautiful new kitchen with fine custom cabinetry.

At Designers Northwest we offer 3D Design as one of our home remodeling services. With our computer-aided drafting program, we can provide our clients with a 3D virtual walk-through of your project during the design phase. With our in-house design experience, we produce electronic files of 3D digital renderings for your review and approval. At the start, Designers Northwest will “reverse engineer” the whole kitchen or just the part of the kitchen to be remodeled, such as the cabinetry. Every inch is measured and notes are made about what can or can’t be moved depending on your budget. If it’s just new cabinets you want, we can use our 3D Design capabilities to design, build, and install new custom cabinetry for your kitchen. If it’s a whole new kitchen you want, we can reduce time, costs, and stress with 3D Design for a complete remodel to build the kitchen of your dreams.


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