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Considering a bathroom transformation for your home? Changes can take yours from outdated to spa-like. Even a small powder room can become a work of art.

Start your planning by thinking about hard surface choices, fixtures and cabinetry changes. These are the fun things to choose, the pieces that will make the bath spa-like, functional and beautifully eye-catching.

But step back a minute. Before you sink a lot of money into cosmetic changes, check behind and under everything for unseen issues. Are the floors still solid with no moisture damage? Do you need any new piping or plumbing changes?  Will any of your changes require electrical work? Consult a professional remodeler to examine your project and the infrastructure behind it. This step is vital for safety and the integrity of the new fixtures and décor, and having your project done professionally and correctly will improve resale value down the road.

The fun begins as you choose new fixtures and hardware. Choose faucets and handles that are aesthetically beautiful and also of the highest quality for durability, especially for the shower and tub areas. These will be around a long time with daily wear and tear. 

Decorative tile-work that runs floor to ceiling in the shower is beautiful and makes maintenance easier. Consider adding a tiled niche or shelf for toiletries and shower accessories. Now may be the time to install safety rails and handles, and a tiled bench, in the shower. It is never too early to prevent falls in a slippery area.

Light neutral colors continue to be popular, including grays, blues and of course white.   

Upgrade to a stand-alone soaking tub or a reconditioned vintage claw-foot tub for spa-like relaxation and comfort.

Decorative tile floors are a designer touch, with a full range of patterns and colors in tile selection today.  Consider heating cables under the tile for added comfort.

Designers Northwest has years of experience in designing and working on bath remodels and would be delighted to share their expert design/build services to create your new beautiful bath area.

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