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According to the AARP, more than 90 percent of people over the age of 65 would choose to remain in their own home as they age. Being comfortable in their own home, uncertainty about moving to a new place, or thoughts of reaching the end of life when moving into hospice care are just a few of the reasons for wanting to stay put.

So it makes sense that one of the newest, and strongest, trends in home remodeling is making the home fit around the aging homeowner instead of moving them out completely. Aging in place is not only popular with older homeowners who need help now, but with those who are planning for when they get older as well.

Older Homeowner Relaxing in an Enclosed Porch

Aging in place is giving older homeowners peace of mind that they can remain in the home they’ve spent decades in.

Many changes won’t affect the lifestyle of homeowners who are still able bodied. Simple additions like adding grab bars in the bathroom, using pull-out shelves in the kitchen base cabinets, or widening doorways won’t affect mobile homeowners in the slightest. Down the road, however, if a fall or accident all of a sudden affects the mobility of the homeowner, these changes are already in place.

Beyond the construction aspects of remodeling a home, technology can lend a hand as well. The old, even flawed, adage that “old” people don’t know technology aside, a smartphone can help the elderly immensely around the home. For example, seniors can look at their phone to see who’s at the door by installing a wifi doorbell with small camera. No more rushing to the door or taking too long to answer.

Other advances don’t even require a smartphone, but do require some internet technology. By using voice-command modules such Alexa or Google Home, seniors are able to turn on lights with simple voice commands. This removes fumbling around in an underlit room, increasing the chance of a fall. Smart thermostats, outdoor lighting, and even door locks make it easier to keep the home safe, secure, and comfortable.

The desire to stay at home during the golden years is strong in many seniors. With advances in remodeling and home technology, the aged are able to stay in their home longer and longer. Removing the uncertainty of when to move, aging in place is giving older homeowners peace of mind that they can remain in the home they’ve spent decades in.

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