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The home used to be a sanctuary to return to at the end of the day, but that’s changing now with the shift to remote work and online learning. What began as a temporary situation with makeshift workspaces set up in kitchens or dining rooms is driving bigger home renovation projects as people bend their home life with jobs and school. The concept of the traditional home as a place to sleep, eat, and unwind is changing as the home now becomes a workplace and classroom. People are looking for better solutions to achieve the best work-life balance all in one place. Home remodeling contractors are increasingly in demand for these projects.

Traditional Architecture

With the new need for privacy and separation between workspace and personal space, the open concept floor plans that were popular for decades are being replaced by traditional architecture with more walls and partitioned areas. Some homeowners who were using the guest room as an office or classroom during early pandemic are realizing now that for the long term they want to create a permanent office space or classroom elsewhere. These homeowners are contacting home remodelers for consultation about how to make the best use of the space in their home. This could mean building an ADU; adding on a room; renovating a basement, attic, or garage; or modifying architecture inside the home to create extra rooms or semi-private alcoves.


Once you’ve established where your home office will be located, the next decisions are how to set it up. A home office or classroom doesn’t need to be drab or institutional, but it should also be functional and free of clutter. Shopping for the right size desk, shelves, and cabinets from an office supply or home furnishing store can be like trying to solve a frustrating puzzle. You may find the perfect office set but then find out it doesn’t fit into your space. Custom built-ins can save space and improve function of a work area. Many home remodeling contractors also provide carpentry services to create the craftsman quality built-ins you need for desks and storage solutions.


Even though there’s more focus on architecture and use of space now, décor and style are still really important aspects of home office design. Not only is it a space where you spend a lot of time, it’s part of your home so you should feel at home there. As for current fashions in home décor and interior design, the overall theme for 2020 seems to be a matter of personal taste and pretty much anything goes. You may already have your own ideas but if not, there’s a lot of inspiration on pinboard sites like Pinterest. Crafty types may be comfortable with a DIY approach to decorating but others may need professional assistance. Good home remodeling contractors often provide design services for the cosmetic aspects of your renovation such as paint color, lighting, fixtures, and more.

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